ExcEng specializes in a range of agricultural technologies. Our focus is on aiding communities and businesses to increase agricultural production by facilitating availability of affordable technologies.

ExcEng invests in R&D to develop technologies affordable to the less fortunate parts of the world. We also promote established technologies that are essential for increasing agricultural production

Igloo low cost green house

Igloo low cost green house is a green house building technique ExcEng has developed. These green houses cost only 10% - 50% of the cost of traditional green houses cost for the same area of coverage. The green houses can be constructed of locally available material and are easily put together by farmers themselves, without the need for skilled labour

Please contact us for further details and literature about this excellent product. ExcEng also deals in efficient and low cost micro irrigation systems such as drip watering systems, spray watering systems (sprinklers) and misting systems, High Yield Variety (HYV) crop seeds suitable for tropical climates, economical farming implements such as two wheeled tractors, food processing machinery and storage facilities.

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